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CoolSculpting is the #1 non-invasive FDA-cleared fat reduction treatment in the US. With CoolSculpting, you are able to transform your body by freezing away stubborn pockets of fat on your abdomen, legs, arms, and/or neck. CoolSculpting safely and effectively eliminates stubborn pockets of fat without surgery or downtime. The procedure uses controlled cooling to safely target diet and exercise resistant fat. Fat cells freeze at higher temperatures than surrounding tissue. By precise cooling technology the fat cells are frozen and die. Our bodies naturally eliminate these dead cells over the course of 3-4 months. CoolSculpting can enhance women’s curves, sculpt that desired ‘V’ shape for men, and help ‘de-bulk’ those who need to lose a little more.

How CoolSculpting Works

At BodySquad, we pride ourselves on excellence by employing specialists who have graduated from CoolSculpting University, ensuring they have received the highest level of training. With our combined specialists, we have over 20 years of body sculpting experience. Your dedicated CoolSculpting specialist will develop a customized treatment plan specifically targeting your stubborn pockets of fat. We know how to sculpt the body in subtle ways that make the biggest difference for you. Because CoolSculpting does provide permanent fat reduction, it is imperative to find a skilled operator who has a thorough understanding of how the treatment will shape your body. We aim to provide a treatment plan that will be tailored to your body, goals, and budget.

Abs – Female

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We are proud to offer the newest technological CoolSculpting advancements in our field. We solely utilize CoolAdvantage technology. These new hand-pieces from CoolSculpting treat in half the time, are more effective, and are more comfortable. With DualSculpting, it is possible to treat two areas at once. We can treat an entire body in less than a day. The time of each cycle can range from 35 minutes to 75minutes, with most being 35 minutes.

Patients are able to sleep, watch TV, work, or read during their treatments. Our suite aims to delight as you sit back and relax. Each suite is equipped with a TV, comfortable beds, and top-of-the-line linens. We have a designated man cave so that our male friends can feel right as home as they watch the latest game during their session. No matter what your needs, we can make you feel right home!

CoolSculpting® takes as little as 35 minutes with little to no downtime, so I can pick up my children from school, and look great in my jeans when meeting my friends for dinner.

– Kristin Davis on why she loves CoolSculpting

The ideal CoolSculpting candidate is someone who lives an active and healthy lifestyle and is usually within 25 pounds of their ideal weight. In some cases, we are able to treat outside of these parameters and provide a ‘de-bulking’ treatment. However, this often does require numerous sessions. Many patients choose to treat with CoolSculpting during their body transformation process. If you are working out and eating healthy to get back to a body you love, CoolSculpting will only enhance those results and serve as further motivation.

We want you to love every view of you, and we want to be a part of making that happen. This is why we provide complimentary consultations here at BodySquad. Contact us today to receive your free consultation so that we can get working on the body of your dreams!

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Securely Sculpted Guarantee

Remember we are your BodySquad! We know that you are investing time and money into your body, and we want you to feel comfortable and confident about it. That is why we offer a Securely Sculpted Guarantee. Ask your CoolSculpting specialist for all the details during your complimentary consultation.

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How CoolSculpting Works

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