Meet Dr. Janet Allenby

Medical Director
BodySquad Founder

Janet Allenby, D.O., practicing in Palm Beach County, is a board-certified dermatologist specializing in cosmetic treatments. She has been practicing in South Florida for over 22 years. Dr. Allenby grew up in the Southwest and graduated from Nova Southeastern University College of Osteopathic Medicine in 1991. She brings expertise and the very latest treatments to patients seeking solutions for aesthetic concerns.

Dr. Allenby has gained local notoriety and has been featured on local and national newscasts. As a renowned lecturer to the public, her colleagues, and pharmaceutical companies both in the United States and internationally, Dr. Allenby is often sought out for her dermatological knowledge. Dr. Allenby transcends the role of traditional aesthetic medicine and raises it to an art form. With Dr. Allenby’s vast exposure to cutting-edge technology, she is able to utilize the newest and safest procedures to deliver impressive results for her patient’s face and body.

Dr. Allenby is world-renowned for her injection methods. She leverages product placement and strategic distribution to effectively lift and tighten the face and body without overfilling. In addition, Allenby Cosmetic Dermatology is a leader in CoolSculpting. As one of the first practices to receive new updates, Dr. Allenby makes it a priority to offer her patients the latest advancements. Dr. Allenby specializes in Dual Sculpting with Cool Advantage. This provides double the amount of treatment with half the time. Her customized consultations guarantee a precise sculpting experience highlighting your assets.

Dr. Allenby was also one of the first physicians in Florida to receive EmSculpt. The revolutionary device that is building 16% muscle and decreasing 19% of the fat. Each 30 minute treatment is equivalent to 20,000 sit-ups or squats.

Dr. Allenby saw an opportunity to fill a need in the BodySculpting industry. She is the founder of BodySquad, the countries first and only BodySculpting suite to exclusively offer CoolSculpting & EmSculpt. BodySquad is open when other practices are not. This allows patients to treat at times that are convenient for them! Come in before or after work, on the weekends, whenever you need. BodySquad uses FDA Approved, medical devices to deliver reliable and consistent results. All technicians are trained to the highest degree on all procedures, ensuring the best results possible. She wants to bring quality BodySculpting to the masses!

On a personal level, Dr. Allenby enjoys living an active and energizing lifestyle. From water skiing to snow skiing, snowboarding, and kite surfing, Dr. Allenby enjoys working hard and playing hard. She enjoys spending her time in both Florida and Colorado, where she can experience the best of both worlds!

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