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CoolAdvantage Technology

The CoolAdvantage technology was a game changer for CoolSculpting. Most of the treatment times are reduced to just 35 minutes per cycle, they are more comfortable and effective.

CoolAdvantage™ Core

This hand-piece is really at the “core” of many treatments. This applicator can be used to treat the abdomen, love handles, bra fat and more. The slight curve allows it to be adaptable to different curves of the body.

Treatment Time: 35 Minutes

CoolAdvantage™ Curve+

This applicator is typically leveraged if you need a little more curve for the treatment area. It is ideal for patients who have a narrow frame because the extra curve hugs in all the right places. This can also be ideal for sculpting that hourglass figure. It is perfect for wrapping around those stubborn pockets of fat!

Treatment Time: 35 Minutes

CoolAdvantage™ Fit

This is a favorable applicators for treating the inner thigh. It is long and straight, possessing no curve at all. On the right candidate it can also be used “off-label” on the arms. This applicator is ideal for longer areas that do not have any curve to them.

Treatment Time: 35 Minutes

CoolAdvantage™ Petite

This is a smaller applicator that was specifically designed to treat the arms. However it has been useful in addressing areas like the knee, banana fold, and bra fat. This versatile applicator can really hone in on very specific areas.

Treatment Time: 35 Minutes

CoolAdvantage™ Plus

This is the largest applicator that we have available. It is primarily used for patients who are trying to “de-bulk” an area. We have had success on the abdomen, back, and flanks. This will pull in approximately twice as much as the other applicators so this must be used on an ideal candidate.

Treatment Time: 45 Minutes

CoolSmooth Pro™

This is also a larger applicator. However, the main differentiating point is that there is no suction. This was designed to treat the outer thighs and reduce the “saddle-bag” look. We have also had success with treating the abdomen and flanks “off-label”.

Treatment Time: 75 Minutes


This is the smallest applicator available to us. It was designed to treat the submental fat under the chin. Recent studies have also shown a slight improvement on the skin laxity in that area. This applicator can also treat the banana fold, and bra fat area. We have also used it to help correct rippling that can be left post liposuction.

Treatment Time: 45 Minutes

Emsculpt Applicator

As you can see, we have a variety of versatile hand-pieces that allow us to address all of your body sculpting concerns. It is imperative to find CoolSculpting and Emsculting specialists who have a firm grasp on how to utilize each tool to your benefit. Sculpting bodies is an art. We feel as though we have perfected this art through our experience and continuing education.

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