A Letter From Our Founder

You have officially started your BodySculpting journey!

From the moment you walk through our signature blue doors, you are in the hands of the most qualified body contouring specialists in the nation.

My goal for the last 25 years as a Cosmetic Dermatologist has been achieving superior patient satisfaction. Through my extensive career and with the aide of emerging technology, I found a way to supersede traditional BodySculpting methods and deliver a completely unique and effective experience for my patients.

With the backdrop set, BodySquad was born! This is the nation’s first and only BodySculpting center to exclusively combine the most effective technology to deliver long-lasting, superior results.

We filled our center with passionate and experienced technicians that have been trained to the highest level through CoolSculpting University. Collectively, our squad members have over 20 years of BodySculpting experience, they know how to expertly sculpt the body to help achieve the results you want. We are here 7 days a week with convenient hours for YOU!

Your end-goal and well-being are our number one mission, because looking good, feels good. For those reasons, our staff goes above and beyond just treating you. We have put together the ultimate luxury- location comprised of specialty suites, complimentary hand massages, and additional health and wellness packages through our partners. We’ve got your body in every way!


So from me to you…


151 E Palmetto Park Rd
Boca Raton, FL 33432


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